Rotary beetle vs BMW

Rotary bug racing two bmw 135i & 645i and winning

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Rotary vw bug 1970
This is the latest update to my rotary bug. Next video will be of the engine running. I added a greddy type rz blow off valve, and an Intercoolerin this video. The bug is running a rebuilt cosmo 13b-re twin turbo (non sequential) controlled by a microtech lt10s w/x4 box standalone ecu.

12a rotary bug

Rotary Bug
A Volks-Wankel ? This is what you get when you cross a VW Bug with a Mazda Rotary Engine. A lot of work went into this Bug. It sounds great and looks like it will be really nice when painted

Rotary Turbo Beetle
Stock 13BT Rotary running a Spitronics advanced system. Limiter was set at 5500RPM as the motor had not been on the Dyno yet. Car makes 132Kw and 260Nm.