Robert Joosten Pro Mod Crash - Santa Pod Main Event 2009

Early in the morning, race three of pro modified round 1 paired Swiss Rolf Ammann (Blown Nugget) against Dutch Robert Joosten (Pro Dutch Racing). Rolf red lit away from the startline automatically handing the win over to Robert Joosten. However, shortly after the launch from the startline, Robert's split-window corvette hit tyre shake and made a slight turn right, choosing not to lift-off the throttle Robert tried riding out the shakes. Unfortunately immediately after, continuous shake and possible over-correction lead to the 'vette violently crossing into the left lane (at which point he too is disqualified admitting Rolf into the quarter finals by default). In a bid to stay off the wall he steered hard right but instead the car dug-in and flipped over onto the guardrail at which point Robert deployed the parachutes. The car now skimmed across the guardrail onto the track and slid along the track, upside down in the wrong lane with the chutes out early before coming to a rest at the finishline!!!! Scary Scary stuff!!!

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Santa Pod Main event 2011. Engine explosion and car fire
Car On Fire!!! A racing car set on fire just before it was going to race down the race track at santa pod raceway in the uk . enjoy :)

Santa Pod Finals 2009 Crashes
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FireForce 5 Jet Car at Santa Pod Raceway - 1/4 Mile 5.07 @ 298mph
First Outing this year for the FireForce 5 Jet Car at The Fast Show at Santa Pod Runway. Putting in an earlier run of 5.14 @ 306mph and following it up with this run of 5.07 @ 298mph. If you just want to see it run - skip to 2.50 mins Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :) Please like the videos and subscribe. If you are after a video of your vehicle please contact me, as I may just have one.

Roger Johansson Pro Mod Crash (extended) - Santa Pod Main Event 2016
Shocking accident. Fortunately Roger was air lifted after attendance by the medical crew. Thanks to the hard work of track safety and medics who flew in Roger escaped with only a broken leg and a serious of other non-life threatening injuries. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery