Yokohama World Time Attack - Cyber Evo Winning Lap

With all of the hype over how Cyber won WTA, we thought we'd give you a brief look into how they did it.

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Record Tsukuba
Driver: Keiichi Tsuchiya Car: Arta NSX 2002

Steve Ka - PowerTune R34 GTR WTAC 2013

VO169 - Cyber EVO @ Wind Tunnel Aero Testing Part2/2
Wind Tunnel Aero Testing of the infamous Cyber Evo, ran 54sec on the Tsukuba Circuit, driven by Tarzan Yamada. The body kit are primary provided by Voltex. And during the wind tunnel testing it proves that these aero parts does make differences!!! (on top of the aero testing, you'll get to see the Tarzan special.......... Human Experiment!!!!)

2017 CSCS Time Attack 2nd Place Unlimited RWD TMP Cayuga
The worst time I've posted at TMP in over 2 years! Just the final time attack lap, stay tuned for more behind the scenes footage and a recap from round 2 of the time attack championship at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga. This event was very tough as I struggled to find the grip in changing track conditions. Watch my feet hunt back and forth stabbing the brake pedal between turns 3-4-5. I lost almost 7 tenths of a second through here alone. I was hoping for a 1:14.9 but ran a 1:17.0 instead. That's ok, all of the RWD cars were way off their expected pace. Everyone was battling similar hardships in the RWD classes. I ended up in second place just 0.145 seconds out of first. The winner was the APH/ NextMod Dodge viper ACR piloted by Brian Wong.