LS/VTEC Turbo Vs. SRT-4 Vs. LT1 Formula Firebird

NWA Racing

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ls vtec turbo crx vs 7.0L built charger @3:46
racing on freeway having fun

Red_WS6 Vs. Turbo Eclipse Vs. StI
WS6 Vs. turbo Eclipse Vs. Sti

stealth ls1 z28 vs LS vtec turbo
dude called brad [BLACK MALIBU] out claimed 400 fwhp 10.90s all day showed up and wouldn do a dig so mike in the Z28 ran him from 40 on highway and spanked him bad mike let out at 135, the car couldn have no more than 215 2 220 hp weak!

bolt on 5.0 vs turbo ls/vtec civic
Bolt on 12' 5.0- full Exhaust, tune, intake, 3.73 gear. STREET tires. VS. civic coupe- built 2.0 LS/vtec, maybe a 66mm turbo, (cant remember) STREET tires.