LS/VTEC Turbo Vs. SRT-4 Vs. LT1 Formula Firebird

NWA Racing

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stealth ls1 z28 vs LS vtec turbo
dude called brad [BLACK MALIBU] out claimed 400 fwhp 10.90s all day showed up and wouldn do a dig so mike in the Z28 ran him from 40 on highway and spanked him bad mike let out at 135, the car couldn have no more than 215 2 220 hp weak!

Red_WS6 Vs. Turbo Eclipse Vs. StI
WS6 Vs. turbo Eclipse Vs. Sti

Built B18 LS VTEC Turbo EG 450whp vs K20 Supercharged Civic Si 350whp
1992 Honda Civic Hatchback turbo Built 1.8L LS VTEC turbo 1600cc Injectors Full 3" Exhaust + Tuned Ethanol 85 Fuel 450whp 297wtq vs 2008 Civic Si FG2 Stock 2.0L Supercharged 1000cc Injectors DW65c Fuel Pump Full Bolt Ons + Tuned Ethanol 85 Fuel 350whp 237wtq

ls vtec turbo crx vs 7.0L built charger @3:46
racing on freeway having fun