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Top Gear goodbye Ford Capri

I Love 1974 - Ford Capri, Pan's People
Martin Shaw and others in clips from I love 1974 documentary (aired 2000) talking about the Ford Capri and Pan's People. I own nothing, all copyright remains with the rightful owners.

The lads put the wheels of their cars ( and other vehicles they use when chasing after the bad guys ) in motion! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARTIN SHAW!! ( his birthday is January, 21st ) May he continue to brighten our days with his fantastic performances for a loooooong time!! If you wish to download this video, please go to the following link: I've made another Pros cars vid to the song "Highway To Hell" which I can't upload to youtube because of the copyright issue. If you wish you can find it here:

Martin Shaw-A Lifetime
This is a vid I made about the life of a great actor. Sorry, the pics are pretty bad but great song. Enjoy and plz comment! NOTE- This is a fan made video, all copyright belongs to its rightful owner.