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martin shaw

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Martin Shaw-A Lifetime
This is a vid I made about the life of a great actor. Sorry, the pics are pretty bad but great song. Enjoy and plz comment! NOTE- This is a fan made video, all copyright belongs to its rightful owner.

I Love 1974 - Ford Capri, Pan's People
Martin Shaw and others in clips from I love 1974 documentary (aired 2000) talking about the Ford Capri and Pan's People. I own nothing, all copyright remains with the rightful owners.

Top Gear goodbye Ford Capri

Capri Report (Launch of Ford Capri MkIII) - 1978
Hosted by Michael Rodd, this film was made for Ford dealers about to get their hands on the new Ford Capri MkIII. It looks in detail at what made the Ford Capri such a sales success for Ford, spanning from the humble L to the 3-litre S and Ghia models.