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Di Fulvio Racing Winter Day Test1: Technical new brake X1/9 Dallara

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FIA Historic Formula One: Historic GP Zandvoort 2014 - Stefano Di Fulvio - F1 Tyrrel Action
Stefano Di Fulvio at Zandvoort F1 Historic Tyrrel 012 with Martin Adams and Martin Stretton Racing www.difulvioracing.it Sell and Buy Race Cars - www.racecar-ads.com

42° Coppa del Cimino 2014: Stefano Di Fulvio - Osella PA9/90 cameracar
Cameracar del vincitore assoluto e nuovo recordman Stefano Di Fulvio su Osella PA9/90 BMW con il tempo di 2:16.0 alla cronoscalata 42° Coppa del Cimino 2014 www.difulvioracing.it

42° Coppa del Cimino: Stefano Di Fulvio - Osella PA9/90

Vallelunga 2009 ER Racing: Di Fulvio - Lucente X1/9 Dallara
Campionato Italiano Pista

Formula Challenge Pista Winner (Fiat X1/9)
Sfida tra X1/9 1.600 sotto una pioggia battente a Nizza Monferrato nella gara valevole per il Trofeo 991 Racing. Cosimo Gulli in gara con l'X1/9 (gomme slick) con la quale ha vinto questo trofeo. ______________________________________ Challenge between X1/9 1,600 in the wet in Nizza Monferrato in a race valid for the 991 Racing Trophy. Cosimo Gulli compete with the X1/9 (slick tyres) which she won this trophy. http://www.gullimotori.it/ gullimotori@libero.it

Di Fulvio X1/9 in Rubiera 2008
IcsUnoNove of Di Fulvio Racing at reunion in Rubiera (Italy)

Di Fulvio Racing: videomix 27° cronoscalata Cesana Sestriere
Il team Di Fulvio Racing con Stefano Di Fulvio su X1/9 Dallara, Vergnano Pietro e Rocco Di Fulvio su X1/9 GTS www.difulvioracing.it www.speed-live.it

Di Fulvio Racing: Pietro Vergnano - 28° Cesana Sestriere OnBoard X1/9 GTS
La vettura preparata e gestita da Di Fulvio Racing. Pietro Vergnano alla Cesana Sestriere ha corso con il team Di Fulvio Racing, un tempo davvero di rilievo!

Stefano Di Fulvio Osella PA9/90 - 42° Coppa del Cimino

Fiat X1/9 AutoSlalom - Alfredo Giamboi
Alcuni passaggi del plurititolato pilota a bordo della sua X1/9 1,6 che da tanti anni corre con i nostri colori sul cofano. ____________________________________________ Some clips of this very fast driver that with his X1/9 1,6 tuned by us has won lot of titles. http://www.gullimotori.it/ gullimotori@libero.it

Fiat x19
1980 Fiat x19 uno turbo 120 hp 1976 Fiat x19 K20 rsx 240 hp (WOW!)

Fiat X19 Car Commercial Classic Car New Car Review HD
New Car Reviews, New Car Commercials & Best Car Video's The No. 1 Channel For Car Lovers Make Sure To Subscribe 最新汽车评估, 最新汽车商业广告& 权威汽车视频, 请订阅收听爱车族的第一首选频道。 最新の車レビュー、最新の車広告&権威である車のビデ オ、車好き方は優先選択するチャネルにご注目して下さ い! The Fiat X1/9 is a two-seater mid-engined sports car designed by Bertone and manufactured by Fiat from 1972-1982 and subsequently by Bertone from 1982-1989.[3][6] With a transverse engine and gearbox in a mid-mounted, rear-wheel drive configuration, the X1/9 was noted for its excellent handling,[3][7] lightweight-removable hardtop, front and rear-storage compartments — and for being designed from its conception to meet the late 60s U.S. safety regulations. The X1/9 succeeded a 1969 show concept car called the Autobianchi Runabout, with styling by Bertone under chief designer Marcello Gandini. The Runabout was powered by the engine of the Autobianchi A112. Designed around the all-new 128 SOHC engine and gearbox (transmission) from the front wheel drive Fiat 128, the X1/9 relocated the transverse drive train and suspension assembly from the front of the 128 to the rear of the passenger cabin, directly in front of the rear axle, giving a mid-engined layout. The layout also located the fuel tank and spare wheel side by side ahead of the engine, directly behind the seats — optimizing the proportion of the car's weight falling within its wheelbase for more effective handling and also enabling cargo areas front and rear.[8] Fiat began marketing a right-hand drive variant in 1976.[9] Unlike Fiat's marketing nomenclature at the time which used a numerical system (e.g., 127, 128, 124, 131) denoting relative position in the model range, the X1/9 retained its prototype code as its marketing name. Fiat's prototype coding used X0 for engines, X1 for passenger vehicles and X2 for commercial vehicles. The X1/9 was thus the ninth passenger car developed using the nomenclature. The prototype car featured a distinctive wedge shape and took many styling cues from contemporary power-boat design. Though the more extreme features of the Runabout such as the C pillar mounted headlights and the small wind-deflector windscreen were lost for the production car, many aesthetic features of the Autobianchi Runabout are readily identifiable on the X1/9. The long flat bonnet (hood) with central indentation, the large front overhang, the wedge shape with prominent C pillar roll-over hoop and the car-length indented plimsoll-line all made the successful transition to the X1/9, giving it a highly distinctive appearance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiat_X1/9 "car radio show" "Car Radio Programme" "Radio show about cars" "radio talk show about cars" "bbc top gear" "car tv programme" "car television show" "great car ad 2011" "funny commercials 2012" "Car Commercial 2012" "banned car commercials 2012" "funny commercials 2011" "Car Commercial 2011" "banned car commercials 2011"f1 "formula one" "funny videos" "classic cars" evo "best car ads 2011" "funny car ads 2011" "funniest fail" "sexy car ad 2011" "road test" "road review" "car test" "road report" "driving test" hot sexy new nissan fast Porsche suv "celebrity car" maserati vw audi 4x4 estate lotus fiat "alfa romeo" subaru toyota ford impreza "high speed" "tractor" "rally car" crashes accidents

OnBoard X1/9 Dallara gara di Vallelunga 8 Giugno 2008
Vallelunga onboard. X1/9 preparata dalla di fulvio racing e pilotata dal duo ufficiale Antonio Lucente - Stefano Di Fulvio del team Obiettivo Sicurezza

Passo dello Spino 2008 - video mix sintesi gara Di Fulvio S.
Video sintesi mixato dal nostro webmaster e reporter Simone Di Fulvio della bellissima gara dello Spino 2008 valevole per il Campionato Italiano Montagna

Magione endurance 2ore 2009: Sebastiano Reale - X1/9 GTS
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