A ride in Ryans 610whp 06 Cobalt SS 2.0 liter

ZZPerformance 610whp 2006 Cobalt SS 2.0 liter ZZP turbo kit, forged shortblock, ported head, ZZP turbo cams, ZZP valvesprings, ZZP trans This is 80-140mph!

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600hp Turbo Cobalt SS Roll Racing Turbo Camaro & More
Check out this nasty Cobalt SS as it takes on a turbo Camaro SS and a 600hp Saturn Ion.

Cobalt SS 10.89 Run. Dash Cam
A video from the 10.89 pass 6-3-12 from the Buschur sport compact nationals. This is the fastest run to date for me. Here is a link to the runs on the cobalt site. http://www.cobaltss.net/forums/drag-racing-52/new-record-280177/

SLEEPER Cobalt vs GT-R & ZR-1
When we saw this unsuspecting Cobalt with Hoosiers on the front, we weren’t sure what to expect! Not only did this bad boy whoop up on a GT-R, it also gave a ZR-1 a run for it’s money! This Cobalt owner swapped the Supercharger for a turbocharger and it DEFINITELY woke this car up!

06 Cobalt SS/SC vs new 5.0 Stang
If you enjoyed this video please be sure to like and subscribe. This was the Mustang drivers first run at the track so i lucked out, his best run of the night was 12.5 . you can see him reeling me in in my mirrors lol. Cobalt 2.263 60', 8.907 @ 83.26 1/8,13.525 @107.92 5.0 2.476 60', 8.858 @ 88.72 1/8, 13.238 @ 111.86