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Australian Trans-Am/NZ HMC at the 2015 Muscle Car Masters
Note: Apologies for the poor audio later in the piece, it didn't have this issue before it was uploaded to YouTube. Australian Trans-Am trekked south to Sydney Motorsport Park for their second appearance at the Fathers Day Muscle Car Masters Event, joined by four cars from the NZ Historic Muscle Car Series to make up Round 5 of the 2015 Loaders 'R' Us Australian Trans-Am Series. 'Like' us on facebook! (Australian Trans-Am)

2014 Australian Muscle Car Masters - Mini vs Mustang
2014 Australian Muscle Car Masters - Mini vs Mustang Anniversary Race.

DAVID TOWE JPS BMW M3 2016 Muscle Car Masters David Towe raced his JPS BMW M3 at the Muscle Car Masters, Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek on October 29 & 30, 2016. Here he is competing in the Heritage Touring Cars Trophy Race on Sunday the 30th. We were kindly allowed to put our Sony Action Cam to work. Turn up the volume! Many thanks to David and the entire JPS BMW Team Garage for their hospitality. For more info on David's car see: 3%E2%80%A8/ JPS BMW Owners Australia Facebook page: Video by: Tim May, Mark Jones & Greg Nishimura-Parke. Music: Eighties Action Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License for music. Motor sport is an international language.

Johnson Chevrolet Corvair (2014 Muscle Car Masters) Super100MPH Ian Johnson brought his wonderful Chevrolet Corvair Monza Spyder to the 2014 Australian Muscle Car Masters at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek, on the wet weekend of September 6 & 7. Congratulations Ian, a very nice car indeed! Motor sport is an international language.