$400 hoon

graduation day, highschoolers and p plater hooning it out the front of school with a $400 car

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$400 hoon part 2
same as other

Hoon Green P plater CMA 82C
I can't figure out young drivers, I was never like that! If you don’t like what I do, don’t bother typing your comments will not be approved! Dash Cam55 is everywhere! Dash Cam55 sees everything! Dash Cam55 displays!

P plater can't handle the cubes!
P Plater in an SS commodore tries to do a skid/burnout leaving a Cruise Event. Doesn't end well! (skip to 0:40)

Princes highway drags/cruise
Songs everyone wants: Toni Granello - Wings of love (Remady remix) Dj Moms - Pray (Radio edit) ATB - 9PM (Club mix). Bryce feat. Carlprit - Dance with me thanks to -URtrippinBroTM- just a few clips of the drags some sick cars M3, C63, R35, R34 and a few more, thanks for watching. more every week . :D. .copyright to the owner of this video (me), cant be used as evidence or broadcast on tv unless consent from the owner, no person can be prosecuted for this video or charged with a criminal offence, no laws were broken eg: speeding....... there is no proof of speeding in this video, this video has been enhanced with video editing software to make you perceive speeding is occurring.