$400 hoon

graduation day, highschoolers and p plater hooning it out the front of school with a $400 car

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$400 hoon part 2
same as other

P Plate Dickhead
Dangerous games being played by another cock head p plater rego AWO55Z Comments and Ratings disabled due to so many angry little boys.

P plater can't handle the cubes!
P Plater in an SS commodore tries to do a skid/burnout leaving a Cruise Event. Doesn't end well! (skip to 0:40)

Hoon Green P plater CMA 82C
I can't figure out young drivers, I was never like that! If you don’t like what I do, don’t bother typing your comments will not be approved! Dash Cam55 is everywhere! Dash Cam55 sees everything! Dash Cam55 displays!