Trailer DVD BEST OF AUDI Erleben Sie völlig kommentarfrei einen Rückblick durch verschiedene Rallye Audi-Videoaufnahmen aus nationalen Rallye-Veranstaltungen quer durch die vergangenen Jahre - beginnend in 1996 bis ganz aktuell 2005! Unter anderem mit: Armin Schwarz im Audi Quattro S1 Eckhard Homann im Audi Quattro S1 Saarenpää im Audi Quattro S2 Carsten Alexy im Audi Quattro S2, Audi 90 Quattro Jens Huth im Audi 90 Quattro

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Alexy/Alexy - Audi S2 quattro - Rallye Hessisches Bergland 2014 [HD]
Carsten und Michaela Alexy im Audi S2 quattro. Gesamtsieger der 1. Rallye Hessisches Bergland 2014.

Making of Audi S2 0001

BMW M3 & Audi S2 cool Rallye Action and Sound 2013
Audi S2 / Bmw M3 and more Rallye cars - pure offroad car sound - This video was made 2013 at the 50. ADMV Generali Rallye in Wittenberg. If you like this video, then please visit my youtube channel for sound, drive & grip, acceleration and top speed videos, american muscle cars, classic cars and much more. or subscribe

Audi Coupe S2
Coupe S2 was Audi's last competative rally car - but it was not built by Audi but a private SMS (Schmidt Rally Shop) workshop. Austrian veterans Sepp Haider and Rudi Stohl drove on WRC points half a dozen times with this nicely sounded rally car. Swedish rally '93 was the car's debute, Haider finishing 7th on snowy Swedish roads.