Viper Racing

intro to the game 'Viper Racing'

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Viper Racing Introduction
The original unaltered footage of the Sierra Sports and Monster Games, Inc. game called "Viper Racing". I did not make this.

Viper Racing Unofficial Fan Trailer
An excellent racing game that still (in my opinion) seems comparable gameplay-wise to today's racers. What I consider to be top-notch AI, advanced damage modeling, and an easy-to-learn, yet still complex driving model make this game a great classic. This Unofficial trailer was made entirely by myself, using FRAPS to record the video, and Windows Movie Maker to compile it all. Music: Shadow - The Prodigy

Dodge Viper racing lamborghini
Dodge Viper racing lamborghini

SRT Viper 320 km/h Acceleration Test sport auto
SRT Viper: Beschleunigung auf 320 km/h.