Gray Bartlett - NZ Guitar Legend

Since beginning his recording career in 1958 with rock'n'roll band The Phantoms, guitarist and promoter Gray Bartlett has carved his own path in Kiwi showbiz. That 50-year career - which involved stints backing Rolf Harris in Britain in the late 60s, touring everywhere from China to Nashville - is being celebrated with a New Zealand tour.

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Gray Bartlett Live Performance
Experience the music that has made Gray Bartlett a legend. Enjoy behind the scenes candid conversations with band members. Become part of the tour as Gray weaves his guitar through a range of beautiful songs. Always professional and always a friend, Gray continues to make his mark on the music industry.

"Gray Bartlett-Memories"
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Gray Bartlett MNZM plays 'Guitar Boogie'
Gray playing at the June 2008 Meet and Greet of the Variety Artists of New Zealand at the Gables Tavern in Auckland. Accompanied by Brendon Ham and Kevin Greaves. Gray is patron of the VAC and holds a raft of awards including an MNZM and recieved the Benny in 2001.

Amazing guitarist busking Wanganui River Market
The legendary New Zealand street musician, Andy Blue displaying his mesmerizing guitar skills at the Whanganui Riverside Market on a saturday morning in late autumn. Filmed by MW Sellwood on 12 May 2012.