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Thunder Tiger Outlaw 7.5

Completely stock Thunder Tiger Outlaw 7.5 nitro R/C boat, prop is Prather 230.


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rc boat racing
A little fun from the Atlanta Model Boaters. check out my rc aerial photography website at http://www.gunnphotoservices.com

RC Twin Turbine Mystic C5000 Powerboat - Miss Longlite - Brutal Fast!
Big Mhz Mystic C5000, equipped with twin jetcat turbines. This boat is crazy brutal fast! Technical Details: Length: 1850 mm (72.8inch) Width: 490 mm (19.3 inch) Approximate Internal Width Sponson 141 mm (5.6 inch) Approximate Internal Depth Sponson 160 mm (6.3 inch) RC functions: Rudder, Speed Control Electric: 2 x Lehner 2280 to 3080 Cell : 30 - 40 cells sub C such as RC2400 or GP3300 or 10s to 12s lipo. Gas: 2 x MHZ 26 Blue line with counter-rotation set, RCMK NR and CR Turbine: Jetcat SPM-5 and SPM-5R Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

Big V-hull Twin Twin QuickDraws
Big V-hull Twin Twin QuickDraws

Snuba in Maui Hawaii near Olowalu - 2/27/2013
Snuba dive from the boat "Teralani 2" on 2/27/2013. Video taken with GoPro Hero3 with GoPole Reach.

ThunderTiger - AutoModel Nitrous Fuel
This my automodel off-road model thunder tiger equiped .21 motor , utilizing 30% Nitrous fuel and futaba control , video record in the park area of Unicamp.

R/C Prather 40 Boat
RC Prather 40 with K/B 46 Nitro Outboard

SuperVee 27 Brushless - 39.3mph
Stock Aquacraft SuperVee 27 Brushless on 14 NiMH cells - 39.3mph

Scale 4x4 rc truck Gmc topkick towing and launching a speed boat
My Hpi wheelyking gmc topkick towing a boat on a trailer, then launching the boat into the lake, and the speed boat doing it thing. northants rc trail drivers. rc scale 4x4. http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=NRCTD Music: http://www.purple-planet.com

RC BOAT FAST '''''MONSTER''''' (48.5 mph) Thunder Tiger Obl Outlaw
test run with leopard 4082 1600kv ESC Swordfish 240A 48.5 mph but with very bad batteries... next test is with nanoteck

5 sec. HPI Savage Flux and the new Thunder Tiger RC Boat Outlaw JR. OBL
My firs rc-fun on the wather :-) Sound by ? and Ex Animo Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17

Outlaw OBL από www.rcmanos.gr
http://www.rcmanos.gr/outlaw-obl.html Παρουσίαση του Outlaw OBL της Thunder Tiger από RC Manos. Περισότερες πληροφορίες στην σελίδα μας.

The best Electric RC Boat Ever - bu Fatima RC Videos - Full HD
i had a great day today with my RC boat, ProBoat Miss Geico Catamaran 29, 7.4 (2) lipo packs. 1500 kv motor, Note: the sound you gonna hear in the middle of the video is not "sound effect" but something happend inside the boat,, i dont know what but it sound great like a car driffting :-)

Rc Traxxas Launch speed boat Icons 2014.
NOTIC TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS AND FRIENDS THIS IS THE ORIGENAL VIDEO FOR THE RC TRAXXAS LAUNCH SPEED BOAT, THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE MADE A COPY ) Hobby Moe HI.......today i have for you the traxxas slash pulling and trailer that i made and will show you how to launch a boat like Rc Miss Geico i wished it would be better then this but the place i choose was not clear enough as you will see there was hundreds of Queens Elizabeth SWANS around the site witch has the best boat launch ramp, as you know we British are animal lovers and we cant harm them as the swans are the Queens? they are counted every year and marked just for your knowledge the Royal Family stopped haven SWAN meet on there dinner table any more since 20 years so they are growing and getting more then people on this earth so thumbs up guys don't worry there will be a lot of meet for every one .........i am joking any way no accidents happened today but the boat was not running as smooth as it was last summer that means it needs maintenance ( Greasing ) so i will fix it before summer comes hope you liked the movie and sorry for the montage i had to make as the swans wanted to bite the camera so i had to change the angels all the time see you next time enjoy i was just FOR MORE BOAT LAUNCH PLEASE CLICK THE LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6-yDS0ARtM please check out my web site if you are thinking to visit london thank you.... http://www.unitedtravelondon.co.uk/ 2014

homemade rc powerboat
49cc power boat still in the testing stages

Thunder Tiger eMTA RTR BL monster truck, first look out of the box
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Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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