Chevrolet Camaro Cup Crash

2nd lap of 1st race final day. Mantorp Park 2011.09.24

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Start accident, Camaro Cup 2012 at Ring Knutstorp
Start crash during the Camaro Cup race (STCC Support) at Ring Knutstorp

Camaro Cup, Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät 11.6.2011
Rata-SM Ahveniston Vauhtipäivät, Camaro Cup 2011. Lauantain lähtö.

Camaro Cup 2009, Våler Crash Incidents
During the races in Våler there where some contact between cars and hard words was spoken. Here are some neutral film clips about what happend. What do you think happened?

Drift show with Scania truck and Camaro Cup car
Martin Ström´s Scania race truck weighs 5.800 kg, he drifts it anyway. The Camaro drift car belongs to Pelle Eriksson. This was filmed during Midnattssolsrallyt 2011 in Västerås, Sweden