Final Flight of the Ghost

This is a video of Jimmy Leeward's final race. This video shows no impact with the ground just the events leading up to the accident, segments of this footage have been turned over to the NTSB to help with the investigation. * New photos from the NTSB investigation

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Plane modifications led to Reno air race crash.

Kevin Eldridge Super Corsair Accident- Phoenix Air Races

Unobstructed View! Reno Airshow crash 2011
There are many videos of the crash but this is the only one that show the crash completely unobstructed

Precious Metal P-51D (XR) Mustang 2013 qualifying run
Thom Richard and Precious Metal going up for the teams qual run to set their place on the poll. Thom ended up with the 6th fasted speed of 440.385mph, not bad for having to put the semi stock engine in just before Reno due to a problem with the race engine.