Final Flight of the Ghost

This is a video of Jimmy Leeward's final race. This video shows no impact with the ground just the events leading up to the accident, segments of this footage have been turned over to the NTSB to help with the investigation. * New photos from the NTSB investigation

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Using different videos to give viewers an overall view of the race from inside the cockpit of 'Voodoo'( #2 position shot in 2010), to the grandstands, from the backcourse and views from the valley of speed (shot in 2009)

Plane modifications led to Reno air race crash.

Reno Unlimited Gold Race 2015 with Voodoo mayday landing.
The final Gold race of the 2015 National Championship Air Races is in the books, Robert 'Hoot' Gibson slowly pulled away from the group as Rare Bear clawed her way passed Voodoo due to engine trouble for the second place spot. I left the whole mayday sequence to show how skillfully Steve controlled a potential deadly situation. Voodoo will be back and stronger than ever!! 'All This' Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Kevin Eldridge Super Corsair Accident- Phoenix Air Races