Final Flight of the Ghost

This is a video of Jimmy Leeward's final race. This video shows no impact with the ground just the events leading up to the accident, segments of this footage have been turned over to the NTSB to help with the investigation. * New photos from the NTSB investigation

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Using different videos to give viewers an overall view of the race from inside the cockpit of 'Voodoo'( #2 position shot in 2010), to the grandstands, from the backcourse and views from the valley of speed (shot in 2009)

Plane modifications led to Reno air race crash.

Kevin Eldridge Super Corsair Accident- Phoenix Air Races

Tragic AirShow Crashes
This is a collection of 9 of the worst crashes from airshows around the world. In order: Dayton Airshow - June 22, 2013 Secunda Airshow - October 12, 2013 Skynliv Airshow - July 27, 2013 Farnborough Airshow - September 4, 2013 Reno Air Races - September 16, 2011 Paris Airshow - June 12, 1999 Paris Airshow - June 8, 1989 Paris Airshow - June 26, 1988 Kansas City Airshow - August 20, 2011