1976 Nissan Patrol Restoration

Mammoth rescue mission of a 1976 Nissan Patrol in New Zealand. Sold over five years ago - she's out there somewhere keeping up the Nissan name.

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Restauration Nissan Patrol Y 60 GR Part 2
Oldtimer Restaurierung unseres alten Nissan Patrol Geländewagen Bj. 89. Unser Youngtimer gehört bald zu den Oldtimern. Mehr über unseren Oldtimer auf http://www.vagabundo-reisen.de

Red Nissan Patrol - introduction
My red Nissan Patrol L60- introduction, Documenting the condition it is in before I start into breaking it down to clean things up, fix what's wrong mechanically, and make it "mine".

Nissan Patrol - The Reenactment of the first Simpson Desert Crossing in a vehicle
In 2012 Nissan celebrated the first crossing of the Simpson Desert in a motor vehicle by re-enacting this great journey with a Nissan Patrol G60

Nissan Patrol G60 1977
hi guys, heres a quick video on my beast, 1977 nissan patrol g60, taken me 12 months to restore to this point and proberly another before its on the road, if you have any questions please ask. ill do a more indepth video at a later date. Visit my site (under construction) www.williamtomkinson.com