1976 Nissan Patrol Restoration

Mammoth rescue mission of a 1976 Nissan Patrol in New Zealand. Sold over five years ago - she's out there somewhere keeping up the Nissan name.

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Nissan Patrol 1977 G60H Ute
My 1977 Patrol cab & chassis (Ute) from New Zealand. Had not started it in 2yrs, in an hour it was running. I put the 35" Creepeis on it just for fun!

Getting the Old Nissan Patrol started
Getting the Nissan Patrol started. It was sitting for about 6 months.

Restauration Nissan Patrol Y 60 GR Part 2
Oldtimer Restaurierung unseres alten Nissan Patrol Geländewagen Bj. 89. Unser Youngtimer gehört bald zu den Oldtimern. Mehr über unseren Oldtimer auf http://www.vagabundo-reisen.de

Nissan Patrol Dubai
Nissan Patrol Tuning by Mebar www.mebar-auto.com