Winternationals V8 Twin Turbos

Three twin turbo "street" cars from the recent Winternationals held at Willowbank raceway. As you can see they're all pretty quick.

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KURRUPT Goes for a big Blower
If you remember the KURRUPT wagon from Summernats and UBC7 you may remember it packing a 502ci big block with a Paxton blower. Now it's got a massive 14/71 hanging out the front! Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.

Twin Turbo V8 Lexus-powered Capri
Joe Geri's Capri recently featured in Street Machine Magazine and it has run as fast as 8.34 at 164mph. But instead of running a V8 Ford engine Joe has gone for a 4-litre Lexus V8, which is legally the biggest engine he can fit to the car and turbo it while remaining totally street legal. He drives this car to the track, bolts on some slicks, runs eights and drives it home. It's a true street and strip warrior. Nice one Joe!

Summernats 23 - Turbo V8 Ford LTD dyno
As promised, here's the Dyno of Charlie Inglis's LPG fed, single turbo V8 LTD from Summernats 23. While our video only shows the car making 702rwhp, the car made 732rwhp the day before. Unfortunately the ignition system wasn't up to the task and it'll be getting upgraded soon. For more infor see:

BEST. Powerskid. Ever! HD upload
Uploaded in HD after Youtube screwed up the original. this car won the Powerskids two years running with a Nitrous Holden V8. Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.