the new trans am 2011

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Chevy Camaro "FireBreather" Edition!
Watch in HD. I recorded this tuned Chevy Camaro, called the Firebreather in black at cars and coffee. This car is equipped with black rims and a numerous amount of subtle and not so subtle touches the company used to mimic a modern Pontiac Firebird. Please subscribe! Check out my FLICKR page: Check out my Razzi!

Burt Reynolds Edition Trans Am BAN3 at the DYNO
We did a complete tune on (Signed by Burt - Car #9) this BRE Trans Am. The Dyno/Tune was performed by Chad & Pat @ THE SHOP, in Lincoln, NE on a Mustang Dyno). This car has an LS7 engine, with upgraded cam, lifters, springs and rods, to get it to 625hp at the crank, with similar torque. Unbelievable car to drive and feel the power that it has. If you ever get a chance to go for a ride in one of these cars or to purchase one, they are well worth the money and investment. Keep i mind this is a one of a kind signed car designed by Year One and Burt himself, and there will be only a limited production!

Porting LS1 Throttle Body.wmv
2002 Pontiac Trans Am. Porting out a 75mm throttle body. Hopefully to 90mm.

New Trans Am 2011 BANSHEE at SEMA Show 2010
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