Motorcycle Crash - Kawasaki ZX6R Lowsides on Mulholland

2007 ZX6R, No injury and minor damage. Rider purchased bike two days before crash.

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17 Year Old Driver Flips BMW
Driver loses traction going downhill, over corrects, rides the berm a ways before flipping his car. The BMW 2002 was a project car he restored with his father. Driver was uninjured. Video was posted previously on Facebook but unlisted on Youtube. Thanks for Watching

Ducati Crash - ABS, Would it Have Saved Him?
Ducati Sport 1000 traveling at a seemingly low speed can't stop in time to avoid a car crossing his path. Note: The Girl apologizing wasn't the driver. She was a passenger in the car, the driver was male.

CBR600rr Crash 6/9/2013
Mulholland Lowside crash June 9th, 2013

Not a Good Day - Rider Slides into Guardrail
Rider on Suzuki GSXR enters a turn too fast, brakes & slides into the guardrail. Rider was uninjured, bike had minor damage.