E30 v8 project LV

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PROJECT BMW MODEL E30 YEAR 1983 ENGINE 328I HP 200+ https://youtu.be/82kNH-UFzyM 2 video https://youtu.be/0yZrH3UTPso 3 video

Story of Duda's e30
This is a story of a car that was assembled by 4 guys at the backyard, but against the hard and long work they could enjoy it for about 4 minutes. Assembled: Norbert Dudas, Balint Szanto, Balazs Karasz, Balint Kiss Camera/edit: Balint Kiss Music: The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home' 2014.06.23. Hungary

Abandoned BMW e30 M3 Restoration project
This is not my project, I just gathered publicly available photos and posted this video. Do not ask me questions about the project details. Many answers to questions you will find in the following topic. Source: http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=331431

bmw e30 tuning