Truckers stop pursuit

Truckers help police stop a dangerous chase and may have possibly saved lives that day. This IS the real video guys!! If you want to see the fake video, it's called "How to out cycle a police car"

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Don't Give the Finger to a Truck Driver
It never fails: drive like a douche because you're in a hurry, then you have to stop and chat.

Best Police Take Down Ever
CRAZY OLD MAN LOSES HIS SHIT!: From 2011 BBC series of Traffic Cops, police pull over a car that was flagged by the ANPR system. Driver was co-opertive to start with, but the official suspected something. In order to question the man, the office asked him to take a seat in his car, but told him that he would pat the man down first before seating him in the car, to make sure he wasn't bbc, cop, police, take, down, drugs, owned, taser, graphic, series, executed, trip

Hero driver ends high-speed chase through park
A father is being hailed as a hero after he rammed his own truck into a speeding car, ending a dangerous high-speed chase.Police say the pursuit started after a 14-year-old stole his grandfather's car for a joyride.The teen led officers through neighborhoods at high speeds and eventually ended up tearing through a crowded park. Cell phone video shows children having to quickly jump out of the way of the speeding car.When one dad saw the teen turning around to head back towards the park, he jumped into action. For more information please visit rk

Sniper shoots gun from criminal's hand
Caught on camera. In a stand off with police, a man has his gun shot from his hands. "rob rouse" chase comedy candid usa america highway traffic cars cameras doc speed road world stupidest criminals caught camera funny stupid silly cat dog howler football soccer compilation hilarious comico viral mistake criminal thief "minstry of cctv" cctv scary acidente accident unbelievable fat dancing blooper prank trick amazing good animal creature shock TV television outtakes 滑稽 貓 錯誤 video crazy cops pigs fuzz dumb criminals crime police cops shoot gun sniper fights fight