Truckers stop pursuit

Truckers help police stop a dangerous chase and may have possibly saved lives that day. This IS the real video guys!! If you want to see the fake video, it's called "How to out cycle a police car"

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Coolest Police Chase Ever
This really is the most epic and awesome police chase ever. This guy just wanted attention because the mayor was leaving office that day.

Hero driver ends high-speed chase through park
A father is being hailed as a hero after he rammed his own truck into a speeding car, ending a dangerous high-speed chase.Police say the pursuit started after a 14-year-old stole his grandfather's car for a joyride.The teen led officers through neighborhoods at high speeds and eventually ended up tearing through a crowded park. Cell phone video shows children having to quickly jump out of the way of the speeding car.When one dad saw the teen turning around to head back towards the park, he jumped into action. For more information please visit rk

Teen helps cops by tackling a guy trying to escape
👍 Raw Leak on Facebook ➜ 👌 Best dashcam on Amazon ➜: Teen stopped a violent criminal from running away from police – by rugby tackling him. 16 years old, Kiya Ingham reacted lightning fast when he saw a man push over two female police officers before running away.Quick-as-a-flash, Kiya dropped his bag and launched himself at crook Bradley Hughes, 31, and grabbed him around the neck before hurling the much older man to the ground. Now Kiya has been awarded a top police bravery award for his actions during the June 10 incident, on a busy road in Brighton, East Sussex.College student Kiya has given up studying motor vehicles and is now training to become a police officer. More videos ➜

Red Neck trucker, says NO to this blonde trying to merge..
Red Neck Trucker is on his phone cruising down the road, when one car merges infant of him and then a 2nd attempts to merge as well. The trucker seems to not see this blonde in the VW, and holds his lane. Who is at fault? Do you think the trucker even saw her? She is VERY lucky to be alive, that is for sure!