DarkKnight MotorSports Street Drag Race Audi R8 vs Mercedes Benz CL600

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997 Porsche 911 Turbo Hamann Stallion 630bhp supercar exotic

Mercedes-Benz W215 CL 600 Biturbo acceleration
Soft start because of lack traction, cold weather and weak tires. Max throttle from 80 km/h / Powolny start z powodu braku trakcji i słabych opon, pełen gaz od ok 80 km/h

Panamera turbo vs cl600 v12 biturbo
Cl600 chip 580hp

Ice Prince Zamani Cruise/Interview on DarkKnight MotorSports in the Lamborghini Gallardo
We caught up with Ice Prince Zamani Hip hop artiste during his visit to Abuja for a show and got him to ride with us for a quick interview. Thank you Ice prince for hanging with us at DarkKnight Motorsports.. Hope you all enjoy the video..