Mach 1 vs Ford Excursion Dig Race

Mach 1- Off Road x and catback Excursion- tuner and intake

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2013 ford excursion SOLD
SOLD. Subscride to my YouTube and follow my twitter @102Head and Instagram @4wheeldriveinc. Thanks for watching.

V10 ford excursion 100+
after installing new coils. the speedometer dropped out because i have a SCT3 tuner on the truck and no speed limiter anymore. so the truck doesnt know what to do after it reaches the factory set limit. i kept gaining speed after i hit 4th gear and 3k rpms. the truck is a 2002 V10 excursion 4x4 with 3:73 gears has a K&N intake, no muffler, SCT3 tuner and stock size 265/75 16s

Excursion vs. Viper
Keepin up with a Viper in my Excursion PSD pullin a enlcosed trailer. Wish i had film before he got in front of me.

Ford Excursion vs Telephone Pole
Head on collision, Trying to avoid egressing car