Mach 1 vs Ford Excursion Dig Race

Mach 1- Off Road x and catback Excursion- tuner and intake

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Ford Excursion Compilation
The Ford Excursion is my most favorite car so this is a video i made out of a bunch of different Ford Excursion clips. Enjoy (Burnout at very end is the best) Sorry to those whose video I stole without permission. I made this video when i was like 13 and copy rights weren't even something i thought of

Ford "Eddie Bauer Edition" Excursion, lifted to the sky, sporting 49" Super Swamper Tires takes everyone by surprise by making a pass at Byron Dragway's Diesel Truck Blackout Drag Day 11-1-15. Considering over 9000lbs and known as the planet's largest suv when first released, this tricked out heavyweight runs 19.89@65.91mph. At that speed and performance its not something you want to take out on your local highway but around town it would be quite the spectacle for sure!

V10 ford excursion 100+
after installing new coils. the speedometer dropped out because i have a SCT3 tuner on the truck and no speed limiter anymore. so the truck doesnt know what to do after it reaches the factory set limit. i kept gaining speed after i hit 4th gear and 3k rpms. the truck is a 2002 V10 excursion 4x4 with 3:73 gears has a K&N intake, no muffler, SCT3 tuner and stock size 265/75 16s

Infiniti G37S Vs Ford Excursion
Watch Jesus race his Infiniti G37S vs a Ford Excursion...!!! Video editing done by ArcSoft ShowBiz 5...!!!