BLANCHE RACING's CRX runs at 10.2 seconds at SRP Cebu Race last Feb. 24, 2008 breaking the record as CURRENT PDRF FASTEST ALL-MOTOR!!!

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Touge Battle 2016 - Round 2 @ BRC
February 6th, 2016 Batangas Racing Circuit Touge Battle 2016 - Round 2 @ BRC Due to an unfortunate incident on EDSA I was unable to compete in the 2nd round of Fuel: Touge Battle on February 6th. However, this afforded me the opportunity to practice with my Cinevate camera rig and get some juicy behind-the-racing shots I normally wouldn't have been able to film if I had been driving. The day started off wet and miserable. By the time I arrived at BRC, two people had already been off-track during practice/qualifying with one of them experiencing considerable front-end damage. Luckily the weather cleared up and the track got drier as the day went on. The racers adapted to the changing conditions by increasing their speed and decreasing their lap times. There were still a few close calls throughout the day, fortunately everyone went home safe and uninjured. As a final race, the folks from JCT-Blanche Racing Team were given special clearance to run head-to-head without a release gap in an all-out Touge Battle: Extra Stage!!! I'll be filming again for Round 3 at CIS on February 20th as I don't expect my car to be repaired and race-ready by then. Music: All In Your Mind MOOG Mighty Car Mods Everything Bang MOOG Mighty Car Mods Lakeside MOOG feat ERIN CLARE Mighty Car Mods We Were Young MOOG feat. ARC EN CIEL Mighty Car Mods On Air MOOG feat. ERIN RENEE Mighty Car Mods All of MOOG's music can be found on this iTunes link: If you do not have iTunes the songs are also available as direct Digital Download from the MCM Shop:

blanche crx all motor vs. vannitech pink sohc turbo
mico vinarao of blanche racing and when when dagondon... 1st round quick8... jan 26, 2008

H3 Racing Ralph 'Tikoy' vs Kanzai Performance Libis Drag Race in the Philippines
H3 Racing Ralph 'Tikoy' vs Kanzai Performance Libis Drag Race in the Philippines Illegal Drag Racing in the Philippines at Libis, Quezon City Pot money was at 250,000.00 Pesos

honda civic sir philippines
Bitaw @marcos highway antipolo