GTA IV - 1977 Trans Am - Stunts and Fun (Black Betty)

Starts off showing the car, then gets into stunts and fun. This car replaces the Ruiner. There is a handling.dat included, but was NOT changed to make this video. Download this car here To install car you need SparkIV I used version 0.6.8 Visit GTAgaming .com for the latest news and awesome mods Music Black Betty by Leadbelly 1947 Die Hoerer and Atomic Playboys 2010 Ram Jam 1977

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GTA IV 1980 Pontiac turbo TransAm VS Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA 1987 1080p

GTA IV | Pontiac Trans Am
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GENERAL LEE VS THE BANDIT TRANS AM - BEST CAR CHASE EVER !!! Here it is...Two of the most famous cars of all time in a an all out car chase! No matter which car is your favorite, everyone wins with this feature video shot in the Arkansas countryside with A REAL GENERAL LEE. Crank up your speakers and enjoy! Special thanks to Mark Osborne of Southern Coating & Nameplate, Inc. ( ) for letting us beat the crud out of his cars and his wife for making us some of the best Southern fried chicken we've ever had! Look for this story on the cover of the November 2011 issue of Hot Rod two or three copies, seriously it's that good! Video Shot and Edited by Jason Lewis (

GTA IV - Trans Am Car Mod
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