GTA IV - 1977 Trans Am - Stunts and Fun (Black Betty)

Starts off showing the car, then gets into stunts and fun. This car replaces the Ruiner. There is a handling.dat included, but was NOT changed to make this video. Download this car here To install car you need SparkIV I used version 0.6.8 Visit GTAgaming .com for the latest news and awesome mods Music Black Betty by Leadbelly 1947 Die Hoerer and Atomic Playboys 2010 Ram Jam 1977

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I bring you another GTA 4 Mod video! This one being the "Back To The Future" mod! This one is probably the highest worked on video in the GTA 4 Mod video series, must have been at least 10 hours just to edit. That is the reason for lack of uploads the past week combined with me being ill. Nethertheless, hope you guys enjoy the video! :] Also, we hit 400,000 subscribers today! Thanks a bunch! MODS: ● BTTF DeLorean Model: ● Marty & Doc: ● Time Travel Script: 65&orderBy%20= ● Dubstep Gun: tml ● Zombie Apocalypse: • Twitter: • Facebook Page: • Store! (UK): • Store! (US): Music Used (In Order): • "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - Kevin MacLeod - • "The Chase" - Chris Haigh - • "Queen of the Night" - MachinimaSound • "Doh De Oh" - Kevin MacLeod - • "Dangerous" - Kevin MacLeod - • "Honor Of Life" - Instrumental Core - • "Sneaky Snitch" - Kevin MacLeod - • "Boulangerie" - LynneMusic • "Chaplin's Best Movie" - Olive Musique - • "House of Leaves" - by Kevin MacLeod - • "Shut Me Down" - Tristam - • "Virtutes Instrumenti" Kevin MacLeod - • "Long Road Ahead" - Kevin MacLeod - • "Equivalence of Two Worlds" - Instrumental Core DUBSTEP GUN SONG: • "Double The Trouble" - 3dNOW 3dNOW's Soundcloud 3dNOW's twitter Download Double the Trouble