Midtown Madness 2 Online

random footage of me being on the cop car chasing my friend on multiplayer in london

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Midtown Madness Stunts 3
This is a nice stunt video! Music is Paradise City by Guns N' Roses

Midtown Madness 2 - Chicago Races with the Audi TT
I complete every Chicago Blitz, Checkpoint, and Circuit race with the Audi TT in Midtown Madness 2.

Midtown Madness 2 - Madness Tour
Available in HD! ---Epilepsy Warning--- Between 6:40 and 7:40 there are flashing images as my bus gets stuck =P Welcome aboard this guided tour of London. We advise that you fasten your selt belt as this journey will be...HELL! I forgot where I downloaded this bus from (sorry) but if you type "open top bus midtown madness 2" you should be able to find it =) Enjoy! Rate & comment! Thanks =D

Mm2 - Train off tracks omg
the train in London gets off the tracks, travels to San Francisco and beats up the cable cars