Red RX3 skids eastern creek front straight

13BT RX3 Ignores powerskid rules and rips a nice burnout down the straight

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Powertune R34 GTR 2 Step lauch control
The Powertune R34 GTR got a bi in the off street drags and demonstrates launch control at Powercruise Eastern Creek 2011. By the looks of it i think a different style gearbox will be needed for rapid quicker gear changes but this is after all a street car! good job Powertune Australia!

Sexy Rx3 Buzzurk Stalling It Up
sexy rx3 plates buzrk stalling up his 5500 stall convertor 12a turbo

RX3 burnout

R34 GTR vs Capri Final in off street drag finals Powercruise Eatern Creek 2011
This Race was sooo close! The powertune R34 GTR would have won if he didnt by the sounds of it go into 5th gear