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Top Gear Special - Bolivia (Bits you didn't see Pt.1)
Top Gear goes to Bolivia! This is a collection of small scenes that you may/may not have seen, so enjoy :D All credits remain to BBC and Top Gear.

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Top 10 Car Stunts Of All TIME
10 Coolest CAR stunts of ALL TIME VIDEO SOURCES: 1)SKYDIVING IN A CAR ► ► 2)A barrel of Moore ► 3)Formula 1/ Truck/ Jump! ► 4)Trick - Sliding ► 5)A barrel of death ► 6)Greatest leap of Kenny Powers ► 7)Triple Backflip(Nitro Circus ) ► 8)The Driver rope-walker ► 9)Adrian Cheney 360 JUMP! ► 10)Double dead loop ► Hello to everybody. Watching movies, we often see steep movie tricks, but most of it is based on editing, special effects, and other movie cues. And today we'll see the Top 10 Exciting car tricks performed by enthusiasts, on cars and not only. Get ready for barrels, flips, and the flight from one country to another by car. Let's go. Parachute jump ... by car Although it may not be a typical car trick, it does have all the ingredients to be considered one of the most terrible stunts on cars made by stuntmen. 1997. A group of paratroopers in Arizona rolled out of the cargo rear of the plane, sitting in the old cabriolet, and then jumped out of the car to complete the jump - already with a parachute. Convertibles were fully loaded with adventurous paratroopers - the tricksters remained in their places in the car when it was pushed out of the rear of the plane. A few minutes later, those sitting in the car jumped out, while the cabriolet continued to fall to the ground. During one such jump, the parachutist Olof Zipster jumped out of the falling car too close to it, after which the car suddenly turned over and hit Zipper on the head. As a result of this "contact", the parachutist received a brain concussion, however, by a miracle he did not lose consciousness during the impact, and managed to open the parachute and land safely. A barrel of Moore. The hero of Roger Moore is an agent 007, in one of the adaptations of the Bond movie, he performed an incredible trick - a jump from the springboard with the execution of the "barrel" in flight. Despite the fact that this the trick during the filming was actually performed by stuntmen. Trick - Sliding or Driving on two wheels in the desert of Saudi Arabia. The car balances, using for driving only a couple of wheels - on the driver's side. To lift the car on its side a small ramp is used, less often independently. Not only does the car travel just on two wheels, several passengers climb out and begin to take off 2 wheels from the opposite side. Then they change the removed wheels for new ones and this whole crazy pit-stop takes place at full speed. Greatest leap of Kenny Powers The racer and stuntman Kenny Powers remains a legend in his business. At one time, he jumped from a giant springboard on a car, the purpose of which was to fly across the St. Lawrence River, which divides the United States and Canada. At first glance it sounds too simple, but the height of the fall was as if Kenny's car was pushed from the 10th floor. Unfortunately, everything went not as it was planned - the car did not pass even a quarter of the distance and the braking parachute later, did not open until the end. Kenny seriously injured his back but luckily remained alive The motorist-rope-walker, a Chinese stuntman named Liu Suzhou successfully drove his car across the Milwau River in China, balancing the car on two steel cables. Suzhou, who after this trick was nicknamed "automobile king", took 30 minutes to overcome a 45.7 meters distance by car on only two lines above the river. He moved slowly so that all four wheels always stay on the ropes. The hardest part was the last few minutes before the end of the trick, when a steep slope blocked his view back, which made it difficult to aim the rear wheels on the cable.

Top Gear | New Self-Driving BMW 330i | 720p HD / HQ Sound
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