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Honda Prelude III Gen H22A +210hp - by Matt (0-100km/h - 230km/h + fun)
Honda Prelude III Gen H22A 200hp+ - by Matt (0-100km/h - 230km/h + fun) - Gearbox U2Q7 - Clutch Exedy Stage1 - Catback Exhaust 2.5" - "Vision"Air Intake conical filter - skunk2 intake manifold - 215/40R16 Toyo T1R MOST IMPORTANT THINGS: - It is the Prelude 2.0EX version which weights 1080kg stock!!! After the engine swap, gear box swap and the break swap it weights 1101kg !!!! - Fresh engine ! Only 70 000 km mileage/kilometerage!!! - Dont forget the U2Q7 which is the shortest gear box for H-Series!

ek3 h22 0-220km/h

3rd gear pull in my EG HB H22 6psi to 170mph.
Proving to my friend Sergio that 170mph is possible in a Honda on a 2 way street.The outcome,I scared the shit out of him which is why you hear him screaming to slow down.