Blocker's XT GT - Burnout and run at WSID

Rob "Blocker" warms up his tyres in his tuff Polar White XT GT at WSID and fires it down the quarter (11.34@116MPH)

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500 HP 1968 Ford Falcon XT - Leigh's - .AVI

Spotted this cool GT (or replica maybe) at the DECA skid day. Never seen it before but it went for a play of the skidpan and put on a little show.

Big Block Ford XT Falcon
Besides the whopping big cowl scoop, there's another unusual feature in this car. Mostly the fact that's actually got a Ford motor! unfortunately these days when most racers go to a big block they jump straight into a Chev but Daryl Dando has gone for 611 cubes of Ford's finest for his Pro Street Unblown Falcon

Targa Tasmania 2014 - Drew & Ella Kent, XY GT Falcon Highlights
Follow Drew and Ella through Targa Tasmania 2014, an event that held many highs and a few lows for the father, daughter team in the XY GT Falcon. Video produced by Other Side Productions.