Blocker's XT GT - Burnout and run at WSID

Rob "Blocker" warms up his tyres in his tuff Polar White XT GT at WSID and fires it down the quarter (11.34@116MPH)

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Ford Falcon XT GT Shed Burnout. Seemed like a good idea at the time, 8h clean up suggest otherwise!

Finally At The Track
2nd hit at Pacific Raceways 4-7-07. Lot's of tuning to do, problems to fix. Should be able to pull another second out of it before too long.

Fred Gibson's #9D XT GT Bathurst Race Car
Fred Gibson's XT GT Bathurst 1968 Ford works entry which has been restored to its former glory by the Macedon Family seen here at All Ford Day 2004

Big Block Ford XT Falcon
Besides the whopping big cowl scoop, there's another unusual feature in this car. Mostly the fact that's actually got a Ford motor! unfortunately these days when most racers go to a big block they jump straight into a Chev but Daryl Dando has gone for 611 cubes of Ford's finest for his Pro Street Unblown Falcon