Blocker's XT GT - Burnout and run at WSID

Rob "Blocker" warms up his tyres in his tuff Polar White XT GT at WSID and fires it down the quarter (11.34@116MPH)

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Fred Gibson's #9D XT GT Bathurst Race Car
Fred Gibson's XT GT Bathurst 1968 Ford works entry which has been restored to its former glory by the Macedon Family seen here at All Ford Day 2004

500 HP 1968 Ford Falcon XT - Leigh's - .AVI

1971 Ford Falcon GT - Eastern Creek Drags powercruze
1971 Ford Falcon GT at eastern creek powercruze in the drag competition, 393 cubic inch engine producing almost 700HP it takes the challenge to the big boys

Blocker's XT GT lap of Eastern Creek at Muscle Car Masters
Blocker's XT GT smokin the tyres during a lap of Eastern Creek Raceway at the Muscle Car Masters 2006. Despite the fact that the officials asked him to "put on a show" they ended up showing Blocker the exit gates! What a rort! They should've given him free entry for neXT years event! Video thanks to Jason (