Blocker's XT GT - Burnout and run at WSID

Rob "Blocker" warms up his tyres in his tuff Polar White XT GT at WSID and fires it down the quarter (11.34@116MPH)

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Gary Myers 1966 Ford Mustang burnout at Summernats 18 2005
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My XT Falcon GT making a sweet noise
the lill 302W in my XT GT making a sweet noise

Cleveland 351 Ford Falcon XT
Gino and Victor's Dandy Engines V8 powered naturally aspirated Cleveland 351ci runs consistent 10s on pump unleaded fuel.

My 2003 Ford Falcon XT
My 2003 Ford Falcon XT with over $3,500 worth of mods in it. Just simple exterior changes no prerformance changes Mags: $1600 18" Incubus Paranormal Black