Jetta TDI vs 350Z

Jetta is stage 2 and 350Z is 6-speed w/ intake

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My VW out at Saguaro Lake AZ

Eclipse vs Stage II Jetta TDI
I was only Boostin 11 psi in the jetta I walked him so bad when we got of the freeway he was like 10 cars back when I started slowing down.

Jetta TDI vs RX8 (Auto)
Jetta is stage 2 Boostin 24 psi and RX8 is stock automatic

99.5 VW Jetta TDI Acceleration
Some stomp and go fun in my 99 A4 Jetta TDI. Injectors are Sprint 520s from, and the chiptune is RocketChip Stage III. The car has 212,000 miles and the original clutch, with no slips!