2002 Turbo Civic Si EP3 Hatch

GReddy turbo Kit GReddy e-manage piggyback ECU 440cc Injectors turboXS Type S BOV Maxspeed catback Neuspeed lowering springs Camber kit 17in 5Zigen fighter wheels Kumo tires 205/40/17 Painted calipers - Red Clear side bumper lights Custom Spa yellow paint

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Turbo Civic Si Ep3
turbo civic si ep3... same car that was supercharged but now is turbocharged. UPDATE: due to copyright issues I had to remove the beginning song. It originally was the instrumental to onifc by wiz. Play the song with the beginning parts, as it was edited to it, or just enjoy the sound of the car in the video. Sorry for the lack of sound in the beginning, but like I said I had to remove it. Also, I noticed there is a weird popping noise during the pulls, this happened after I edited the music out through youtube, so just please disregard that as its youtube's fault and not my camera work, the audio got a little foggy. Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH1hK9Zj2wvuk9_NFbPvufg?sub_confirmation=1

Honda Civic Type R ep3 Turbo
Filmed and edited by: Cvetanoski Darko https://www.facebook.com/cvetanoskiphotography Music: Mark Petrie - Richat k20a2 stock engine turbo gt3582r custom downpipe 3'' sidewinder PLM manifold Intercooler mishimoto precision 46mm wastegate grams injectors 1000cc fuel rail golden eagle fuel pump 400lph hondata Kpro tuned by GearTech......... 402m: 12.506''- 208km/h Civic Type R ep3 turbo from Macedonia.

Camaro SS vs Turbo Civic
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING! THANKS! ▼Click "Show More"▼ This video was shot early on in 2008. Yes, he's a friend of mine. The acting (if you can call it that) is us just messing around before battery on the camera died. It was all done on the spot - no script - and the racing was both cars going all out 100%. The Camaro has been 11.5's@122. Not the fastest car on the road (by far), but enough to hold it's own with most local cars. For those in complete & utter denial - doubting that the Civic was actually turbo'd - here is the same car with a duck call attached to the blow-off valve as a joke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykRIp2GtYoA Enjoy!! =)

2003 Honda Civic Si EP3 Turbo | Dyno and Highway Pulls
Did a few Dyno pulls at the CUSCC Car Show. Car was tested on a Mustang Dyno provided by Auto Trends Motorsports. Car made 250whp/260tq on 10psi with a stock K20A3. Nothing impressive but it was my first Dyno run since the turbo was installed. Click the link to my build thread for all the mods: http://forums.clubrsx.com/showthread.php?t=799378 Sold the car July 2015 when it was at 320whp/280tq on 14 psi