Supercharged 2005 CTS-V Accelerating in a Tunnel

Supercharged 2005 CTS-V accelerating in a tunnel from about 20-70. 1:45 is when the main action happens. The sound in the tunnel is way better in real life than the video shows.

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2005 CTS-V vs. 2006 ZO6 vs. 2000 Turbo Civic
05 CTS-V is 406ci stroker 484/453 06 ZO6 is stock with Yella Terra roller rockers 00 Civic had B17 @ 15psi 420whp

05 ctsV vs 07 ctsV
05 mods I/e (black wheels) 07 mods I/h/e... Tuned

2005 Cadillac CTS V Long Term Review
I have had my CTS V for a year now so I am posting a quick review of it. Overall I love this car, however, I go over a few of its weak points in the video. The only racing I do is autocross. My CTS V has the C5 z06 engine, the ls6, and it has been a glorious motor! Loads of torque at any gear and my V has never felt a lack in the power department. Upon further research I found out that my reverse issue is due to a design flaw with the tremec T56 transmission. The motion of the shifter fork for reverse does not carry out far enough to fully engage the reverse gears. This can go unnoticed until enough wear is done and then you will find it difficult to use. I found good videos to fix this issue and I plan on doing it soon. Check out my CTS V autocross videos!

Supercharged CTS-V Burnout Through 3 Gears
This is an interior shot of the Supercharged 2005 CTS-V accelerating 2 times and when I burn through the first 3 gears. Then an outside walk through of the rubber left on the road with gaps for the shift points.