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Robert Jackman is a Brandon man who has a passion for collecting cars, both large and small. He bought his first car at age 13 and his first die cast car model too. Since then, he has increased his car and model collection enormously. What started as a hobby over 50 years ago has grown to a collection of a half a dozen cars and over 4000 models. It is estimated that just his model collection alone is worth over $400,000.

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World's Largest Model Car Collection (CBS This Morning)
RumJungle's Kyle Gallagher on camera and John Hansen on audio were the video crew for this story about a man who donated his entire model car collection to his church. (Kyle was operating the Canon C300 while John was using a Sound Devices 664 mixer.)

DieCast Collection
A die cast Collection with over 7000 Cars in it...the largest personal collection I have ever seen..Very it out!!

Greatest Private Corvette Die Cast Model Cars Collection Ever? Enjoy this AMAZING Car Collection
Mike Manderino spent years building this Corvette Die Cast (and many other trucks / cars / memorabilia) collection and this is the 1rst video for the public to view. This could be one of the greatest Corvette Die Cast Model Car collections created from a private collector. Every area of this room is filled with cars and car memorabilia. The remote control cars, pedal cars, die cast, Hot Wheels are mostly still in the original package and are of the highest quality product available. This is just AMAZING!

Diecast Unboxing-2014 Ford EcoSport (mars red) 1/18 Paudi Models
SUBSCRIBE if You like and share This one is imported not available in India Cheap model link- 3638&creative=24630&creativeASIN=B0175YVTO4&linkCode=as2&tag=carsmeanmeblo- 21 If u want one- email on Fb page- it is superbly accurate detailed ecosport scale model diecast based on the original Email on