King Taco's Nascar Super Truck Race Footage

King Tacos super trucks racing footage @ irwindale

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Jet Engine Truck Race
A race between two 18-wheeler jet engine trucks at the Rockingham Dragway on May 2, 2010 during Nitro Jam. The white truck actually ends up burning some of the tar off of the track. The red truck won the race.

Instagram at Check Out BlueFire Outdoors for all your off road Lighting. SUPER ATV During the 2014 Unlimited Offroad Expo they had a few mega mud trucks racing. It is always fun watching these guys flog on their trucks. Be sure and check out the Mega Truck Series for more information on upcoming Mega Truck races. Mega Truck Series

Hillclimb Truck Racing, 1400 HP and 5800 NM, Racetruck powerslide no Drift, Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012
Don´t miss the great DVD´s at One of the most popular motorsport events in Switzerland - Bergrennen Gurnigel 2012 Tecnical features about the truck: 1400 HP, in Hillclimb condition 1200 HP 5800 NM torque 4500 kg weigth VMax: 268 km/h, this is an inofficial value because at race events the truck is limited to 160 km/h as a FIA law 16 gear H-gearbox from the original truck.