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local outruns deputy laurie jones his where abouts remain unknown GET SOME

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Cop tries to pull biker over.... Then this happens....
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Crazy Cop chase ATV banshee
Registered bike- legal atv route- Drive slow and quite the best you can, the law-bot is hungry to prove hes a man.

FASTEST KFX 700!!! 163kph=102MPH on German highways
FWD video to 3:58 to see him going 163kph. Kfx 700 with a FST800 BBK, stage 1 cams and german gearing making a top speed run...163 kph=102mph!!!

R1 Go Kart Passes a Cop
COOL INFO: Kart was bought for $5,000 plus shipping. It has had several owners. Previous owner from Georgia owned kart for literally two weeks then re-listed on eBay citing it was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever driven and there weren't many places to use it. Originally this kart had 6 wheels (google images R1 go kart). It was drag raced and crashed due to the front wheels coming off the ground. One owner told the story of trying to get the major tire manufacturers to produce a tire that would allow the kart to attempt to go over 200mph and not blow up (find video below in description of tire blowing up with speedo reading 181mph). 150mph or higher is reached in fourth gear, there are six gears :). Kart has been sold and the new owner is putting paddle shifters and other goodies on it. The local police have had two driver suspects. Both suspects have been harassed/threatened by police. They think they know who the driver was, they're wrong. He still remains a mystery. You DO NOT have my permission to re-upload my "R1 Go Kart Passes A Cop" without my written permission. I have already filed copyright infringement claims against 5 channels for re-uploading my video for financial gain. This is a one of a kind custom frame built specifically for this engine. One of the previous owners told me the gentlemen that bought it from him had it up to 170-181mph. This kart is wicked. WATCH TILL THE END, A POLICE CAR PASSES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!! If your impatient to watch 10 minutes of video, skip to 7:50 and watch till the end for the best part. 2005 Yamaha R1 Sport Bike engine in a Beisse Shifter Kart. Around 180 HP, weighs about 220lbs. Previous owner had Kart up to 181 mph before a tire blew out. Using GoPro Hero High Def camera with adhesive mount. NOTE: The rear tires are worn out so the driver didn't do anything to crazy. The ending was edited out to protect the driver. Location: Northern Michigan Here are a couple videos of the previous owner; where the speedo read 181mph and spun out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmH4ZwwnXCk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV-dwsWh0NQ&feature=related