Requiem for a Great Ride... 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

Saying goodbye to a good old friend, my 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer. I had it from 2002 through 2007, then gave it to my sister. She made the last modifications to it before the crash. She suffered some minor bruises and 2 fractured toes, but she's OK.

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2 Din магнитолла lancer 9
Блок печки перенесён вниз

Review of an install double din method in an Evo VIII
This is a quick video explaining how I installed my pioneer AVH-P8400BH in my Evo VIII. As you might already know, US model Evo 8s and 9s got cheated out of having the better interior options and don't come with the double din, so with the custom relocating of our manual, cable-driven, HVAC (another thing we got cheated out of when other countries are completely electronic) with using an OEM radio relocation panel and buying the JDM double din panel from, after some cutting of the old panel to make a custom HVAC faceplate and other few tweeks, we achieve our conversation. For more info on how to do the conversation, please head over to Enjoy

How To: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Double Din Conversion
I used my 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer to show you how to convert a single din radio slot to a double din. --- Double Din Dash Kit: Check out my other videos! Diff3Rentbreed (Gaming): A Diff3Rent Life (Vlogs): I stream!

Lancer Fix 4 | Changing A/C Heater Control Gears
Watch a better version here: AC Gears 0:17 Support DarkDragonWing by bookmarking these links and start shopping: eBay Amazon ------------------------------ This is a blue 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2.0L 4G94 SOHC AUTO FWD. I'm cleaning it up from the bottom, hoping to make it look nice and in a good condition. ------------------------------ Lancer A/C Heater Control Gears 7801A110 eBay Amazon ------------------------------ Most Mitsubishi Lancers have this same problem with the A/C Heater gears/knob control. 1. Changing the gears. "GENUINE heater air controller" Search it on ------------------------------ Mods on this car: *Red calipers, red drums *Security alarm CrimeStopper SP-400 with the engine start system *Trunk release kit *GENUINE A/C heater air controller gears kit ------------------------------ DKDGWi Facebook Page: DKDGWi Store: DKDGWi Thingiverse: Mackey Facebook Page: Mackey Twitter: ------------------------------ Video By: Krissana Mingkwan Mackey - กฤษณะ มิ่งขวัญ แม็กกี้ Thaweesak Mingkwan Manny - ทวีศักดิ์ มิ่งขวัญ แมนนี่