Official 2011 Suzuki GSR750 promo

The official promotion video for the new GSR750.

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Suzuki GSR 750 Test
We've been racing this poor unsuspecting little bike for some time now in the Endurance series of 4, 8 and 12-hour races and it has acquitted itself with honour, never giving a moment's trouble and actually reveling in the abuse we've dealt out to it. This was our initial road test of the bike and it seems we were impressed with it as a road bike as well. But then we reveal what will be happening in its future and how we will prepare it for battle on the racetrack.

Test Suzuki GSR750 2011 Motorklik heeft de Suzuki GSR750 2011 getest in Sevilla, Spanje.

G&G GP exhaust sound on Suzuki GSR 750
Listen to the sound of the G&G GP Exhaust on the Suzuki GSR750. The standard GSR750 looks sleek, but its lines are messed up by the big original Exhaust and license plate holder. Our GP Exhaust is short and sporty, giving the GSR a whole new look. It is short, it is impressive and the sound is a deep grumble. The black lower parts are optional, and give the impression of an even shorter look. Combine that with the cover over the flange and the Exhaust is a real addition to your bike! More information can be found on

Suzuki GSR750
Kevin finds out if the new GSR750 made up from Suzuki's spare parts bin is a winning combination or a Frankenstein's monster