Shainesboostin Srt4 e1 beating TT Audi

E1 E85 Srt 4 beating TT audi a4, upgraded turbo's and Intercooler, some other bolt ons. Its just a neon!

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SRT-4 Dodge Commercial
Original Dodge Neon SRT-4 commercial vs WRX STI Released 2003

Srt-4 E1 turbo
test setup for A/Fs. The gopro was set to wvga-120-wide. from 4800 to 5200 goes rich by about .3. This is the 2005 srt-4. Same car in neonthinksitsavette.

E1 turbo 3rd gear pull SRT-4
3rd gear pull...Forward motion E1 turbo,Extensively modified externally waste gated manifold, E85... Best 1/4 mile pass 11.91@122.49

Srt 4 50trim E85 vs Srt 4 57trim vs Stock Turbo Evo 9
Videoing - Srt 4 50Trim 23 Psi, E85, 1100 FIC Injectors,Single 255 Walbro, All necessary bolt-ons Srt 4 - 57trim 14psi, Untuned, Bolt on's, 750cc Injectors. Evo 9 - Stock turbo 24 Psi, Ported Exhaust manifold,Tuned, BFMIC, 272 BC Cams, 3in Full Exhaust.