Bobby DeSoto from San Francisco takes his Aussie buddy for a spin in his 1971 Cougar 429 XR7. Awsome machine thats got a genuine 50K Miles on the clock

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1971 Mercury Cougar XR-7 - SOLD!
1971 started the first year of the restyled Mercury Cougar. It weighed less and had only a one-inch-longer wheelbase (112 inches) than its predecessors. The front end now featured four exposed headlights, the center grille piece was now larger, the rear featured a semi-fastback with a flying buttress sail-pane, the XR-7 returned, and the engine lineup was revised for 1971 as well. This Cougar features a 351 Windsor 2-barrel V8, has a C-6 A/T, P/S and P/B. It has not only a beautiful exterior, but a beautiful interior and you could nearly eat off of the bottom side of the car. It has dual Exhaust and exudes quiet power. GROWL! If you are looking for a great summer cruiser, completely done, turn key, get in and drive, you owe it to yourself to own this one. Don't hesitate—you know who you are that missed out on the last two!! Vehicle information above is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. All vehicles are offered subject to an inspection and an appraisal if desired. Financing is available through JJ Best Banc. Delivery arrangements are available. Please call 503-855-4345 for more information.