Boyne Drags Cadillac Seville STS vs Ford Mustang

Grudge match between Dustin and Curt @ Boyne drags

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Boyne Drags Cadillac Seville STS vs LT1 Firebird
Not sure what was done to the LT1, but it trapped @ 80 mph in the 1/8th

Cadillac sts vs Mazda rx-8
Watch in high quality. Just me and my friends in Compton screwing around seeing what are cars can do. My sts has 134k miles on it and still runnin hard!

1997 STS Cadillac vs 2005 Corvette
Just racing my dad for fun, he floored it and I kept up with him till 70 then I gave my car a little bit of gas.

Sts 2002 vs camaro fully mod
Bracket 1/8 10.40 sts