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Miotta (turbo miata) on Autobahn South with Track Daze

turbo miata out on south track with Track Daze group. Only cleanish (minus slide through turn 8) run I could find on tape.


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Miotta at ITR EXPO 9 on Autobahn South track with Bartek riding shotgun
Don't load up your car on the turn 6 gator... see end of video for visual.

15psi Mazdaspeed Miata Water/Meth Injection Promo

Slick Auto Mazda Miata MX--5 Turbo Track Car - Octane Report
http://OctaneReport.com for more. We tested the Slick Auto Mazda Miata at the Streets Of Willow racetrack. 263whp, turbocharged, 275 Hoosiers, 15x9 wheels, widebody kit and custom aerodynamics. The flat black paint even screams "aggressive". Not your average cute roadster.

turbo miata CA Speedway infield
track day at CA Speedway,infield.trying to run down that very fast LX, when an elise , 911,and saleen are traffic

Autobahn Oct.11th Spec miata race south track
part 1

Miata Turbo Pretty Dammed Fast
Watch the vid till the end =) Check out http://miataturbo.wikidot.com/

Autobahn South walk-through
Driving tutorial

Autobahn South AMS track day session 2 p2 2005 WRX STi 7/5/09
Autobahn south with wrx sti session 2 part 2 1:10 - pass ms3 2:00 - following blue evo not letting me pass 5:10 - blue evo lets me pass 5:50 - cool down lap

Turbo 1996 Miata at Autobahn Country Club South
turbo Miata chasing down a Vintage 1966 Shelby Gt-350 Racecar! Event was for break in making 11 psi, set a fast time of 1:39 on 205-50-15 Hoosiers!

turbo miata chasing gt3 rs @ pca de
bad thing is i had a couple bolts (turbo to manifold) back out at the start of the session. ran anyway with alot less power because it's not often your out on a track with an awesome machine like that.

stagedrive Gardermoen 2004
My first Stagedrive (autoX) using my 1.6 1992 mazda MX5. Link ecu, greddy kit, 0.6bar Boost at this point(only had the car on the road a couple of days.

Turbo Miata Powered Caterham SV on the Track
Pueblo Motorsports Park. 3/9/08. Turn down your sound, no filter on the microphone. The build up of this car is at http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2175152.

Autobahn South track Hubert riding shotgun ITR EXPO 9
Autobahn South with ITR Expo 9 group. Hubert riding shotgun. Last lap is a cooldown, if you see us chat during 13/14... its talk about brake fade.

Mazda Miata turbo 11psi
Edited so you only see/hear the cool parts. There were a lot of cars on the road so I had to be careful for most of the time. This was the first turbo drive EVER, with a tune from the interwebs. 1990 1.6: AiResearch T3 DSM 450cc injectors ETD Racing tubular manifold Mitsubishi Starion Intercooler Megasquirt ECU 100% DIY It's open downpipe and wastegate in this video but it has a 3" Exhaust now with an open dump internal WG. In this video it had the stock (Stage 1) clutch, but now it has a Spec Stage 2 (seriously) clutch. For a more recent autocross video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUNS3I6H9Sk

[Flyin'] MS Miata: First Track Test Impressions
Track: Streets of Willow Springs (CCW) Date: 12/14/2007 After getting time to sort out settings after a rushed first session, it was time for the real track test for the second session of the day for my "new" MSM, powered by Flyin' Miata. This session is the only real good session I had to test my MSM because an Intercooler pipe popped out during the third session, disabling my car and thus ending the test day. Featured here are short battles of against an Evo and a 911 RS (both DOT-R tire clad and caged). Also, I set my car's benchmark time of around 1:30 (3/10 off if I didn't lift on the final straight during the checkered flag). __________________________ Testing for items of interest: 1. Custom-built BP4W motor w/ FM2 turbo kit 2. Falken Azenis RT-615 tires 3. FM frame rails Conclusions: 1. OMG, so much faster and more responsive relative to a stock-ECU MSM. But obviously, as seen on the film, I'm still no match against power cars on the straights. Note that I'm not running full Boost right now because I still getting some knocking issues sorted out. As soon as that's done, I can finally turn up my Boost to full power. 2. I can see what people have been on about with these tires. These have great response, awesome dry grip and warm up quickly (only took a half a lap). However, after about 5 minutes of hard driving, the tires started to get a bit greasy, but not uncontrollable. To me, this verifies the auto-x reputation, but for the track, I still think my old BFG KDW2s still come out on top on the track because they take heat better and grip better overall through long track sessions. 3. In short, even the old suspension benefited from the chassis stiffening and added to the responsiveness and stability in the corners. As a bonus, they also help the chassis cope with the bumps on the track compared to my last visit.

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