construncion de ' L' para enderezado de chasis

Aqui estamos los dukes of hazzard en construcion

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dozer casero enderesador de carros chokados
fabricacion en casa de equipo para enderezar autos chocados .

Autorobot Micro B Frame machine
Autorobot Micro B is a frame machine designed to small and medium-size body shops for straightening vehicles with pinch weld as well as a second frame machine for large body shops.

The Mighty Duke - Portable Auto Body and Frame Machine - Collision Repair System
Wagner-Martin Development LLC presents The Mighty Duke! This innovative collision repair system is perfect for all size auto body repair and frame shops! It is fast to set-up, powerful, provides incredibly smooth feel-back to the user, easily rolls away and takes up little space when not in use. Inexpensive, but strong floor anchors are flush with the floor, can't be tripped over, and it won't cost a small fortune to set up shop in a new facility should you decide to move to another location. Patent Pending. Expected website launch date Jan. 13, 2013. Questions can be sent to; or

Enderezado de chasis Gran Voyager
Eloy Medina