Will it run? 500$ Buick Lesabre

A couple gallons of fresh gas, 3 new fuses, and a steak-knife to jump the starter relay! Lets see if this old Buick will come back to life

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Long lost 77 Cutlass Supreme Coldstart
After many months of sitting around it was time to move the cutlass. For some reason ive never filmed this car, or event talked about it. So maybe in the future if anyone is interested we could do some more with this. Its a great old car. just needs a little love. This has the "gold rocket" 400 Oldsmobile v8, the engine is a non smog model from 1969 and it built and blueprinted. She puts down around 330hp and really burns off them white letter tires!

200$ Ford Taurus All Cleaned Up!
Here she is all cleaned up. Well the inside atleast! stay tuned for the next video to check out some driving clips and then the tune up ! Thanks for watching guys, drop a comment down below and let us know what you think. We will see you in the next one! Thanks!

Junkyard Lexus GS300 ABUSE
Got in a running and driving lexus today. 2jz automatic car and thought we would have us a little fun!

Old Camrys never die ( Junkyard coldstart )
So we have a really nice camry that came in for scrap and possibly ( worst case scenario ) is going to need a new engine. So I carried a charged up battery and some starting fluid down into the field to try and get one of the old clunker camrys to fire off. What I didnt expect, was to find one down there that would start up on and run all on its own. After sitting down there for god knows how long. But this one did! No starting fluid needed. Dropped a battery in it and away she went! I wouldnt have believed it had it be a Honda. haha. Anyways. Thanks for watching this short clip, we will catch you in the next one guys!