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2011 SCCA Summit Point National T1 Mid Race & Contact

Mid Race pass for the lead and then contact with a GT1 car. Summit Point National group includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS.


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Scary Moment GT Race Summit Point 5/22/11
Starting of the big bore race at SCCA Nationals at Summit Point Raceway. Watch the white Camaro in the second group.

T1 SCCA race Watkins Glen July 2010
The first several laps of my first race with the Corvette (2007 C6 T1, Phoenix prepared) at the SCCA National race in July 2010. John Heinricy was on pole and broke the track record. I was way too cautious on the start (this race was the first time I drove the car so I was still trying to get used to it) and should have had my bumper right up on the yellow vette, and it cost me a couple laps getting back around traffic. Hero HD camera.

2013 SCCA US Majors Watkins Glen T2 Race 2
2013 SCCA US Majors Watkins Glen T2 Race 2 T2 Cars #36 Mustang, #17 Corvette, rest are in T1 Class Finished third, after being spun and rear suspension damaged had to hang on with fourth place coming. Highlights: 16:10 - Restart after full course caution 22:15 - The Punt

Superior Chevrolet Corvette SCCA Runoffs 2011 T1 Class
Watch as the #50 Superior Chevrolet C6 Corvette races at Road America in the T1 Class Runoffs for the 2011 Season!

Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 at SCCA Comp School
This is my Honda S2000 playing with a a Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 during the SCCA double driver school. The three of us agreed to keep close and mix things up as we worked through traffic.

2011 SCCA Summit Point National - T1 - Laps 1-7
Laps 1-7 Summit Point National Group Includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS

Jefferson 500-2011-Summit Point-Selected "close" clips from various sessions
Jefferson 500-2011-Sanctioned by VRG (www.vrgonline.org) For more VRG in car videos and photos, go to www.npmccabe.org

Adam second session at Summit Point Motorsports Park

Chasing the T1 Corvette Watts brothers on VIR Full in my street ZO6 Vette Z06
Chasing the T1 Corvette Watts brothers on VIR Full in my street ZO6 Vette Z06

2011 One Lap at Summit Point Motorsports Park
Dash cam for Team High Noon during the 2011 One Lap at Summit Point in the Dodge Charger SRT-8.

SCCA SFR Regional 10/2/2011 Laguna Seca T1 Corvette Jim Tway
Sunday's SCCA regional at Laguna Seca, Group 1 (ITE, ITX, RX7, STO/U, T1, GTP, SSB). I qualified 6th based on Saturday's race. However, Bill (other blue vette) was unable to run on Saturday due to PS issues. Since there were no other T1 cars, I went to the back of the grid with Bill. Figured it would be good fun.........and boy was it. I was a bit more aggressive getting through the field than Bill, giving me a good 5-6 second lead over him by mid-race. About that time, Bill's confidence was trending inversely proportional to my rear tire grip, and he was on my bumper by lap 11. I was able to hold him off for 1st (5th overall). Highlights: 0:46 - Bill gets his only lead through T2, but blocked by traffic by T3 (advantage Tway) 5:05 - Battle with Panoz GTP #24 starts 7:07 - Pass on Panoz GTP #24 in T11 for P7 8:30 - Battle with Panoz GTP #25 starts 12:10 - 2 car pass on Panoz GTP #25 and BMW ITE #51 in T11 for P5 18:49 - Bill catches me at the corkscrew followed by lots of defensive driving

The Glen 2005 SCCA T1 Race Lap 14
Corvette Racing

2011 SCCA Summit Point National T1 Final 7 Laps
Resart and final 7 Laps for the win in T1. SCCA Summit Point National. Group includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS

WDCR SCCA Competition School Race 03202011
Jerry Boyer, WDCR 2011 Spring Drivers School, Sunday Race.

Summit Point National 2011 SCCA
Kyle Disque racing a Toyota in the 2011 SCCA Summit Point National in the GTLite (GTL) class. Started 3rd. Finished 3rd.

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