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2011 SCCA Summit Point National T1 Mid Race & Contact

Mid Race pass for the lead and then contact with a GT1 car. Summit Point National group includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS.


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2011 SCCA Summit Point National - T1 - Laps 1-7
Laps 1-7 Summit Point National Group Includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS

2011 SCCA Summit Point National T1 Final 7 Laps
Resart and final 7 Laps for the win in T1. SCCA Summit Point National. Group includes T1, GT1, GT2, GT3, STO and AS

T1 SCCA race Watkins Glen July 2010
The first several laps of my first race with the Corvette (2007 C6 T1, Phoenix prepared) at the SCCA National race in July 2010. John Heinricy was on pole and broke the track record. I was way too cautious on the start (this race was the first time I drove the car so I was still trying to get used to it) and should have had my bumper right up on the yellow vette, and it cost me a couple laps getting back around traffic. Hero HD camera.

Summit Point National 2011 SCCA
Kyle Disque racing a Toyota in the 2011 SCCA Summit Point National in the GTLite (GTL) class. Started 3rd. Finished 3rd.

Jefferson 500-2011-Summit Point-Selected "close" clips from various sessions
Jefferson 500-2011-Sanctioned by VRG (www.vrgonline.org) For more VRG in car videos and photos, go to www.npmccabe.org

Fast. (1:0757) lap at Summit Point
One lap from Group 2 race at Summit Point SCCA National. In-car video shot on a VIO HD system. May 22, 2011. Had fastest lap at 1:0757. (K-Hill Motorsports) Bruce Hamilton driving.

WDCR SCCA Competition School Race 03202011
Jerry Boyer, WDCR 2011 Spring Drivers School, Sunday Race.

Scary Moment GT Race Summit Point 5/22/11
Starting of the big bore race at SCCA Nationals at Summit Point Raceway. Watch the white Camaro in the second group.

Summit Point SCCA Super Tour National 2012
Kyle Disque racing a Toyota in the 2012 SCCA Super Tour National in the GTLite (GTL) class at Summit Point. Started 3rd. Finished 3rd.

Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 at SCCA Comp School
This is my Honda S2000 playing with a a Corvette ZO6 and Porsche GT3 during the SCCA double driver school. The three of us agreed to keep close and mix things up as we worked through traffic.

The Glen 2005 SCCA T1 Race Lap 14
Corvette Racing

Chasing the T1 Corvette Watts brothers on VIR Full in my street ZO6 Vette Z06
Chasing the T1 Corvette Watts brothers on VIR Full in my street ZO6 Vette Z06

Summit Point Advanced Group in Corvette Z06
Advanced Run Group at Summit Point with DelVal BMWCCA. Driving: Andrew Bacon Check out www.getseattime.com for more video.

2013 SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Road America
This is the 50th SCCA National Championship Runoffs H Production race as seen from the #99 Toyota Yaris of Jason Isley. Started 5th, but it didn't last long as things went bad in a hurry. In Turn 1 I received a hit in the right rear corner from Chris Albin, who appeared to dip his right side tires in the grass under braking, which knocked the alignment out of whack - fortunately Road America is predominately right hand turns, and the car still worked great in those, but the car picked up a big push in Turns 5, 6 and 8. At the same time two of the leaders, Tim Pitts and Jay Griffin, got together just ahead of me. Luckily just as I recovered the car a gap opened between the spinning cars, and I came out in 3rd place. However, a black flag all reset the field to the previous order for the restart - back to 5th. About mid-point in the time shorten race things took a turn for the worse, I had a run going down to Canada Corner and went for the outside at Kettle Bottoms, Albin started to drift right, I went left and so did he. On a prior lap I had passed him in the same place, on the left side, and I guess he took notes and was not going to leave that door open again. The hit killed the front of my car. With the front now flattened my top speed was limited and the car began to overheat. Was happy to hold on for the 6th and final trophy.

HSR-West / SCCA at Laguna Seca - Group 5 Qualif. Race April 30, 2011 - Martin Reinhardt
On board video from: #16 Martin Reinhardt HSR-West & SCCA Vintage 2011 Formula 2.0 & Atlantic + BOSS + FIA 2.0 SR + Can-AM Group 5 - Saturday's Qualifying Race April 30th - May 1st, 2011 - Saturday was a fun day as I qualified 10th for the Qualifying Race out of 32 cars. During the race, I managed to move from 10th up to 3rd until I spun in turn 11 - two laps before the end of the race. Finished 5th overall / 1st in class. - Sunday wasn't as much fun for me as I started the day with a black flag during the warmup for sound 105db. I fixed the sound between run sessions with a test lap alone on the track and was allowed to take part of the trophy race with a 103db. I also broke the camera lens, so there is no video from Sunday. The start of the trophy race was fantastic and I moved from 5th to 3rd after a few laps. Unfortunately I got black flagged again for sound 105db after 12 laps. At first I didn't know if the flag was for me as they didn't show my number, so I took a few laps, I figured that it was me after the Marshall almost jumped out onto the track :-). I am very unhappy and suspicious about being black flagged so far into the race. Laguna Seca is a really fantastic race track, but I am done fighting the sound limit issues. On a positive note, I had the second fastest racing lap of the weekend a 1:29.84 during the trophy race, while I was chasing down the leader who was about a corner ahead of me with 5 laps to go. Note: This on-board video was shortened to fit on YouTube.

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