BMW and Galant 8000K HID

8000K HID upgrage on a BMW 330, full HID 8000K conversion on a Galant

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BMW e46 with 8000k and 3000k Fog Lights!! HID Xenon While Driving
abblendicht 8000k nebler 3000k kamera verfälscht etwas 8000k ist weißlicher und 3000k viel goldener Truth is that the High-beam is really Whitish with a little bluetouch and the fogs are fucking golden-yellow :). my cam is messing up the colors. The light (even on wet ground ) is very much better than standard. and hell i´d never give away my golden light on snow!!!

8000K Xenon HID
Honda Civic 8000k HID

Sound Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6, BMW 528i R6, Audi 80 2.6 V6
start and rev up the engines of mitsubishi galant 2.5 v6, bmw 528i R6 (Prins VSI Autogas) and audi 80 2.6 v6

xenon 8000K A3
lanterna super led, luz baixa auto vision 8000K e farol auxiliar Klight 8000K