Home Made Electric Car

http://st0ckman.blogspot.com/2008/05/home-made-electric-car.html David Murray may drive the quietest car in North Texas, powered only by a small electric motor, and not creating any emissions. "The most common question I get is, 'Is this an electric car?' and then they're like, "Is it a hybrid?' Nope, it's a real electric (car)," Murray said. When his car is low on fuel, Murray simply plugs the power cord into the nearest outlet. "Yeah, just plug it in here. Just a regular old extension cord," Murray said. The self-described computer geek from Kennedale bought the 1993 Eagle Talon from a junkyard for just $750. "First thing I did when I got the car home was pull the engine out," Murray said. He then spent about $4,000 more to convert the gas-guzzler to run on electricity alone, doing all the work himself in his garage at home. "I bought the electric motor and I was like well, I gotta figure out a way to couple it together with the original transmission," he said. The car can hit 55 mph, driving right past the high prices at gas stations. "I hear people complain about them at work all the time. I just grin," he said. Murray spends just $7 per month on electricity to charge the batteries -- enough to go about 300 miles. "I don't even look at the gas prices," Murray said.

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