srt4 19 psi

doing some runs. 19psi

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First Ride in Ludas 485whp SRT4
Got Traction? First night out testing out a friends new set up on street tires in 38 degree weather. Some parts of the video become blurry due to camera issues, sorry for the inconvenience.

srt-4 vs mustang 351
my 04 dodge srt-4 vs my friends 87 Mustang 351 windsor

srt-4 short take off and high boost pull
my srt-4 doing a lil take off then going into 2nd hitting around 24 psi drops to 19 ish when shifting

Srt4 pull on 19psi
Just did a little pull with the srt with the Boost down on 19psi still had some to go #srt #srt4 #19psi #neon #pull #quick