Nissan GT-R Races in the USA

The Nissan GT-R is competing on American soil in the GT class of the Pirelli World Challenge Series. Nissan Motorsports tapped the storied Hawk Performance/CRP Racing team to develop the twin-turbo GT-R into a track threat for seasons to come. Follow all GT-R conversation at Subscribe to get latest exclusive GT-R videos from Nissan

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2013 NISSAN Altima Sedan - Map Button
Map Button Your Navigation System contains precise mapping of all major cities and roads to keep you on track. Once you've chosen a destination, the computer calculates a route, with time and distance to your destination provided instantly. Your position is constantly updated and guidance provided, as well as information to nearby restaurants, hotels and other stops. Press the MAP button to display the current location's map screen then select the "Options" key to view the "Map Options" menu. This menu allows you to store your current position, show position information or destination information and adjust the map settings. To access a particular map view, select "Map Setup" then touch "Map View" to toggle between the 2D and 3D view formats. The 2D view shows a map in the 2-dimensional form that is similar to a road map. The 3D view displays a map in a 3-dimensional or elevated perspective. Touch the Map screen once to activate map scrolling. Then touch the screen again and drag your finger in the direction you want to move. To return to the current vehicle location, select the MAP or BACK button. To view the map in greater detail, select "Zoom In" until you achieve the desired setting. To view a wider area, select "Zoom Out." Your vehicle's Navigation System comes with an SD-card that contains map data. The card slot is located on the front of the unit. Please refer to the Navigation System Owner's Manual for further information and instructions regarding your SD-card.

2013 NISSAN Altima Sedan - Pandora Audio
Pandora® Audio (if so equipped) Your vehicle's audio system is capable of playing audio streaming through a compatible, USB-connected audio device using the Pandora music service. Compatible devices with the Pandora application installed can be connected to the vehicle's audio system via the USB jack, located on the center console. To switch to the Pandora audio mode, press the AUXILIARY button repeatedly until the Pandora audio mode is displayed. The Pandora audio controls will be displayed on the control panel display screen. On vehicles not equipped with the Navigation System, the controls are slightly different. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for more information. On vehicles equipped with the Navigation System, touch the keys on the screen to play or pause the audio and to select "thumbs up" or "thumbs down". Please note that Pandora limits skips to 6 per station, per hour. If a "thumbs down" is given after the skip limit has been reached, the current track will continue to play but the feedback will be saved. Select the "Menu" key to access the following options: "Station List", "Bookmark" or "Delete Station". For further information on Pandora Audio, please refer to your Owner's Manual.

2013 NISSAN Altima Sedan - Steering Wheel Audio Controls
Steering Wheel Audio Controls Press the SOURCE button to turn the audio system ON. Once the system is ON, press the SOURCE button repeatedly to cycle through the following modes: AM, FM1, FM2, XM1, XM2, XM3 (if so equipped), CD, USB/ iPod® (if so equipped), Pandora Audio (if so equipped), Bluetooth® Audio and Auxiliary. You can change to a different preset radio station or to another CD track by pushing the TUNING switch up or down. If you push this switch up or down, for more than one and a half seconds, you can seek the next available broadcast station. Press the ENTER button to display the menu for the currently selected mode. Push the PLUS or MINUS icons on the VOLUME CONTROL switch to increase or decrease volume. See your Owner's Manual for further details on steering wheel audio controls.

2013 NISSAN Altima Sedan - Navigation Button
Navigation Button Press the NAV button to display the "Navigation" screen. The "Destination" key provides several methods for setting and/or saving a destination. The "Home" key allows you to enter and save your home address as a destination. "Turn List" displays a list of all turns on the active route. Touch an entry to see more detailed information. "Previous Destinations" searches for a previously mapped destination in the destination's memory. "Routing Options" allows you to set route calculation settings. "Cancel Route" allows you to cancel the current route.