Nissan GT-R Races in the USA

The Nissan GT-R is competing on American soil in the GT class of the Pirelli World Challenge Series. Nissan Motorsports tapped the storied Hawk Performance/CRP Racing team to develop the twin-turbo GT-R into a track threat for seasons to come. Follow all GT-R conversation at Subscribe to get latest exclusive GT-R videos from Nissan

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2012 Nissan GT-R Video: A Promise Fulfilled
See the powerful new 2012 Nissan GT-R. Watch as the development team takes the supercar to Germany's legendary Nürburgring and challenges the world's most demanding race course.

Undecorating the Tree with a Nissan GT-R
It’s always a drag to take down the tree. This year, we used a GT-R to do it in 2.7 seconds.

The Altima Experience | Racer
One fan loves to track race his Nissans at home, so we thought we'd give him a test-drive experience he'd never forget. One that took him from the driver's seat of the All-New Altima, to the driver's seat of the GT-R. Join the conversation at Subscribe to get latest 2013 Altima videos from Nissan

Nissan Project 370Z | Stage One
Nissan has created the world's first crowd-sourced Z track car by handing over the build to their Facebook fans. In Project 370Z: Stage One, the fans were able to choose the powertrain, turbo kit, Exhaust, suspension and brake setup. This is what they've created so far. Follow the build on for Stage Two: Design.