Twin Turbo 350z vs EVO

Twin turbo 350z vs EVO

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350Z Twin Turbo - Forged Z - 525 WHP @ 14 PSI
NOTICE: Check the most recent videos. *This video was made when the transmission was going out. It was supposed to be a built tranny, but the company in Houston screwed me. It blew up on 1/4/2009 on the way to Las Vegas. It is now rebuilt and running strong.

GTI vs 350z Twin Turbo
MK6 BIG turbo GTI (20PSI) vs 350z Twin turbo (5.5PSI)

350Z Twin Turbo 650HP
This is truly one of the nicest 350z's on the market. Beautiful car! 2003 with a Brand new 2006 Built engine. TWIN turbo KIT WITH UPGRADED turboS. FRESH TUNE. The list of MODS goes on and on with this car. OVER 100 THOUSAND DOLLAR INVESTED IN THIS PROJECT! I have receipts for everything and around 3000 miles on everything. The car is like new and runs like it. The car was built by AAM out of Maryland so with the 500 miles break in period on the clutch and traveling to get the car the (470 MiIles). So pretty much 2000 fun miles on the build and goodies. I could go on about this car so text or call for more information. 330 224 3361. SOME GOODIES: ENGINE BUILD 34000! NEW TIRES 1200 ENDLESS BREAKING KIT 3800 IMPORTED WING FROM JAPAN 4000 TEIN FLEX ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION 2500 FULLY CUSTOM VIBRANT Exhaust BUILT JUST FOR THE CAR 3600 NEW HALTECH ECU. 1 ON 3 IN THE NATION THAT WERE AVAILABLE 3800 TWIN DISC CLUTCH 750WHP RATED!

Two Turbo + NOS = BEST LAUNCH EVER // 860 HP // EVO MITSUBISHI // Like us for more content! This is the original frame rate ! No speed up on the video ! Please Subscribe and share ! I promise that I will put new videos of this crazy beast when the video get One Million Views! So please share ;)